The “Celebrate your worst writing” Contest!

Hey you. 
Yes, you.
You're a writer, right? Bet your hard disk is filled with awesome stories you've written. 

I also bet you've got some skeletons hidden in a dusty closeted corner of your hard disk. Files that contain bad writing. Never to see daylight ever again. Writing you may have worked on for weeks and discarded for unworkableness, writing you may have written in response a writing prompt that really didn't click with you. 


Bad writing is good for you

I call this kind of writing drivel. I have lots n lots of drivel on my hard disk, and I keep it there. Reading through it is a never ending source of entertainment.

It's also the compost heap for good writing. Sometimes there's an idea for a story that is goodness but clogged up in lots of  drivel. I can always fish that good idea out of the compost heap and turn it into something new. And that way that ugly rock can be made into a diamond. Or at least an approximation of one.

Bad writing is good for you. I want you to celebrate your worst here with us, and stop seeing it as something bad. Something you should be ashamed of. That's why it's worthy of a celebration, and a contest!

Because it's writing. And writers write. Drivel or not. 

The contest rules
  1. Post your worst writing as a reply here or on facebook
  2. Max wordcount: 200 words
  3. Only post something you have written
  4. You may post fiction, non-fiction or poetry
  5. Only post your own work
  6. Closing date: March 16 (Midnight, Central European time) 
After the contest ends I will get my husband to read all entries, and he will get to pick the best of all your bad writing. 

What you can win




This Whachamacallit (or one like it in your favorite colours)

A Whachamacallit is usable art I create as I play with my own handspun yarn. This one is a flat bottomed drawstring bag with a lid. The yarn is thick and stiff, so it doesn't collapse on itself. My friend Corinne says it would be perfect for storing jewelry. I've made a lid on top because the bag doesn't fully close. You can, however, use them separately. I'm working on making several for an upcoming etsy store, so they're not for sale anywhere. 

Way more important than any prize is releasing yourself from bad feelings about anything you've written. 

My own drivel

As you're going to be brave and share your worst writing, I'm gonna do the same. This is the start of a story I wrote in response to a writing prompt (unusual fairy tale or something like that).  I didn't click with that prompt at all. Still wrote. And oh my god it's so bad that I laugh when I hear the name Angeline. 

Princess Angeline 
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, a mermaid, second child of the loving king and queen of the land of Mermen and Mermaids. 
Her name was Princess Angeline, and she was a very sad princess. 
She lay face down on the bed of seaweed, and cried with hickuppy sobs. 
She looked over her shoulder, and then cried again, now sobbing uncontrolably. She reached out her left hand, and grabbed the bag of jelly fish from underneath the storage hole behind her bed. 
She rolled on her back, and stuffed the jelly fish down her mouth. 

Now it's up to you do to the same! Have fun!


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  1. CocoW says:

    Oh, this could be great fun. I’ll need some time though to find my absolute WORST! I have a lot! :-)

  2. Zan Marie says:

    Hi, This is an interesting challenge. Bad drivel? Who me? LOL!Also, I’ve gvien you two awards in my blog. Check it out. ; )

  3. Sylvia van Bruggen says:

    heheheh Coco, I just picked one at random, because all my drivel made me laugh so hard! Thanks Zan Marie! Yes you! And thank you for the rewards!!!

  4. Megzspeakz says:

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  5. Megzspeakz says:

    Sorry.. I actually posted the first draft of a post by picking it up directly from the drafts section of my blog.. didn’t realise it has unfinished sentences.. I might send in more entries ;)

  6. Debs says:

    Oh, this is so funny. Good luck to all the brave contestants.

  7. Sylvia van Bruggen says:

    hehehe Megz no worries, that was very cool! :) I especially loved: “instead of shrugging off the” As a story teller it made me wonder what they shrug off! hehehe it is, Debs!By the way, if you’re rather gunshy about posting your bad writing, you can mail it to me too! sylviavbruggen at gmail dot comKeep it coming!

  8. Megzspeakz says:

    Sylvia!! I am a true blue Gemini.. i often find myself thinking/ doing more than one thing at a time.. and especially when I am writing. I always doubly check my official mails bcos I have this tendency to switch to something else while writing. I bet it can be fun to read..I am okay.. i might just post more stuff here only.Luv,Megz xoxo

  9. CocoW says:

    Hm, I just re-typed in a “bad writing” scene into a comment, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. I only see four sentences (from the middle) that pasted. :-(

  10. Sylvia van Bruggen says:

    CocoW’s entry…

  11. Jingle says:

    sorry for missing it…

    love your creativity here.
    keep it up.

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