Crusaders Challenge 1

A challenge you say, that is so for me, I hope I don’t sound bloviate when I say so for I am not that, not in the least, I am quite my astrology sign, the fluffy tailed rabbit   For shy I am, and I hardly share it, for I think that attention, it deserves [...]

I’m a crusader!

One of the fun aspects of playing with your writing is jumping in fearlessly when opportunity strikes, and just doing what moves you to do it. Of course fear creeps in afterwards, but by then you have already done it, and you can't crawl back! Ha! As I always want examples when reading something written [...]

Play with words, get a plotto!

One day my husband and I were listening to the radio, and the song: “Don’t worry, be happy” by Bobby McFerrin started playing. That song is pure play for me, and I sang along, acting and dancing silly. Then I sang the song title wrong, and we collapsed in laughter. My new motto was born. [...]